"Camilla provided outstanding support and therapeutic processes to her individual clients and those who attended her groups at Pacific Institute. I supervised Camilla and continued to be inspired and in awe of her dedication to her therapeutic work with others, especially the population that she served at our facilities. She demonstrated professionalism, clinical awareness, sensitivity to their needs and provided ongoing creative solutions and processes to address their challenges. I would not hesitate to recommend Camilla."
—Nina "Anin" Utigaard, MFT, REAT, Clinical Director, Pacific Institute

"I worked with Camilla at AgeSong for a year and I can recommend her work without reservation. She is caring, sharp as a whip, upbeat and a great team player. She worked very hard for her clients and was always nurturing, supportive and helpful."
— Andrew Copperman, Therapist, Institute for Transformational Living

"Camilla is a deep, creative, caring, and culturally competent therapist. Given my experience collaborating and working with her intermittently over the past few years, I strongly recommend her…[she] meet[s] her clients where they are at, and intuitively guid[es] them through and to significant life change."
—Jake Goldman, Therapist, Olive Vista

"Camilla is an energetic and creative therapist who connects well with her clients. She is respectful to her peers and a great member of a working team."
—Alexis Kalikman, MFT, KalikmanLloyd Therapy Group

"Camilla is a creative, compassionate and intuitive counselor who worked very well with students at our school. She was an excellent role model and mentor for the girls who ranged in age from 5 to 19 years. Her positive attitude and gentle demeanor made her seem approachable and she provided excellent guidance to both male and female students during her time with us."
—Mary Stadler, MFT, Stanbridge Academy

"Camilla Busnovetsky is exactly the type of person who comes to mind when I think of the qualities that make for an exceptional therapist. She is warm, compassionate, engaging, strong, understanding, non-judgmental, creative, intelligent, and even funny. She has such a natural way about her and is so true to herself in her work that any client can see that she is the real deal. No pretense, no airs, just genuine wonderfulness! As a fellow therapist, I would refer to Camilla without the slightest hesitation."
—Claire Coyne, Therapist, Edgewood Center for Children and Families

"Genuine and insightful, Camilla will be a blessing to those who receive her service."
—Joanna Cheung, Therapist, Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center

"I worked with Camilla for one year as she interned as a therapist at Agesong. In all of my associations with her she demonstrated unmistakable integrity of character, sharp intellectual spirit, and sincere caring interest in her clients as well as staff and team members. Camilla brought warmth, creativity and insight in her work leading therapy groups and individual therapy sessions. Furthermore, she was a strong, dependable, therapeutic presence in the milieu, providing impromptu support to individuals, couples, families, and groups. Above all, I noted Camilla's ability to advocate for her clients, persistently and clearly asserting their needs during our weekly clinical review group."
—Natalie Palan, Health and Wellness Advocate, The Arc of San Francisco

"Camilla brought warmth and positivity to our work place. She genuinely cared for the wellbeing of her clients and was able to assist them with a wide range of issues. In addition, Camilla was effective with families and individuals from various cultural backgrounds."
—Irina Velichko, Family Advocate, La Casa de las Madres